While the Challah Rises

Students at American University are passionate. They are informed. They are internationally aware and politically minded. So when the Tzaddik guides came across my desk along with student interest in re-launching Challah for Hunger on campus, it seemed like a perfect fit. The time it takes for the challah to bake is conveniently the time it takes to complete a Tzaddik conversation guide. It's a great opportunity to sit down and have a conversation about issues on campus and other social justice related questions student are wrestling with and the Tzaddik guides are an amazing platform to have those conversations. Since November, students have had bakes every other week, using the Tzaddik Conversation Guides, often facilitated by a student. This semester has been focused on starting up the American University Challah for Hunger chapter and generating interest and excitement, as well as ironing out the kinks of the challah recipes. The challahs have been the centerpieces of weekly American University Hillel Shabbat tables along with a tidbit about the week's conversation and information on the next bake. After the initial bake, everything has been organized by students and a Challah for Hunger Steering Committee has been formed. Next semester, students are looking forward to becoming an official Challah for Hunger chapter, continuing with meaningful social justice conversations.

Students discussing when and how we give, and how it relates to our Jewish identity.
Successful challah from the first bake!

Successful challah from the second bake! Included chocolate chip challah and cranberry and honey challah for the holidays!

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